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10 Factor: From Struggling to Thriving Business

Aug 30, 2018

Why do so many people think they are “time broke”?
And what exactly does “time broke” mean?
Since so many of you are entrepreneurs with families I’ll talk directly to you for a moment.
Wouldn't it be awesome to maximize your time while building your family's legacy?
TUNE IN to the 10 Factor, Episode 61...

Aug 23, 2018

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
Could it be a dog licking at your face?
Or is your young child pulling on your arm?
Is the alarm you set sounding off? 
What if all of these things were removed from the situation. Would you still get out of bed?
Have you ever heard of a WHY? And do you know what...

Aug 16, 2018

Are you making just enough money to cover expenses and put a little away but aren’t getting ahead?
If this is your story, have you projected out the numbers until retirement…?
That was me. Earlier in my adulthood, I hadn’t really thought about creating multiple streams of income.
Instead, I was thinking...

Aug 9, 2018

For just a second close your eyes and imagine that today you have no problem paying your bills and tomorrow the money is gone.

You dig into everything you have and it’s not enough.

What can you sell?

What can you cut out?

What is going to happen to your family.

At the end of 2015 I went through a huge Paradigm Shift....

Aug 2, 2018

“This is reality. This is what life is like as an entrepreneur.

Some days you are going to want to quit. Some months you are going to struggle to pay the bills. The phone is not always going to ring like it’s supposed to.

Life happens. Business happens. And every seven or so years you are going to go through a major...